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Result of a periodic check in 2016 by our service desks, which issue documents

We conduct periodic checks for the purpose of ensuring that our nationwide service desks that issue documents handle important documents and personal information securely and appropriately. The inspections we carried out in 2016 covered document-issuing service desks in 104 locations in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Koshinetsu, Kanto and Hokuriku.
We were able to confirm from these checks and the post-check responses that all the service desks were carrying out highly rated business services based on our operations manual.

As a result, 35 service desks attained the highest "S" assessment ranking (95 or more total evaluation points). This time, we called eight service desks that received 100 total evaluation points to present them with letters of appreciation (plaques).

Overview of our periodic checks of service desks that issue documents

1. Overview of our periodic checks and their purpose

We conduct inspections to confirm that the operating conditions of the nationwide service desks to which our company consigns document issuance business services accord with our designated operations manual, with the goal of having the service desks smoothly implement work related to issuing important documents for financial institutions, as well as securely and appropriately handling the personal information of parties to contracts. We also provide guidance about improving business services.

Implementation plan
Inspections of our 209 nationwide service desks are divided into first and second phases and are conducted over a two-year cycle.
First phase: From January to December 2015, covering the Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, and Shikoku areas, along with Kyushu and Okinawa Second phase: From January to December 2016, covering Hokkaido and the Tohoku, Hokuriku-Shinetsu, and Kanto regions

2. Inspection items

  • Status of document issuance log management
  • How applications and confirmation forms of ownership retention are being filled out
  • How deposited important documents for finance institutions are being stored
  • How operations manuals are being stored and updated
  • How reports regarding motor vehicle registration results are being stored and managed
  • Various security measures
  • Status of corrections for incidents

3. Periodic check assessments

Using a point subtraction formula (with 100 points as a perfect score), periodic checks assign four levels of ratings, from S to C.

Assessment rank Rating points Assessment overview
S 95 points or above Deemed to be carrying out outstanding business services based on the operations manual
A 80-94 points Deemed to be carrying out business services based on the operations manual
B 70-79 points Deemed to require improvements to business services in many areas
C 69 points or below Requires urgent guidance regarding improvements due to the high possibility of incidents occurring
  • Reports on our periodic checks provide feedback about results.
  • A request that improvements be made regarding business services is sent with the report in the case of a B rating.
  • Along with the request that improvements be made sent in the case of a C rating, another inspection is conducted within three months.
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