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Privacy Policy (Personal Information Privacy Policy)

Registration Network's Personal Information Privacy Policy

All the executives and employees of Registration Network, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") strive to harmoniously bring together three parties—consumers, financial institutions, and dealers—making the motor vehicle ownership experience even more enjoyable, by employing a self-built nationwide network and specialized expertise regarding motor vehicle registration procedures and financing.

Protecting the personal information (names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and other information that permits the identification of specific individuals) that our customers entrust to our company is fundamental to our business activities. We are deeply aware that this is a social obligation for us as a company, and we always endeavor to handle such prudently and appropriately in the spirit of respect for individual rights and compliance with the law.

With this in mind, our company employs a personal information protection and management system based on the following items, with all our executives and employees working together to protect personal information. We promise that we will make it a practice to handle such personal information appropriately.

  1. Acquiring, using, and providing personal information

    We collect and use information to the extent necessary, specifying the purposes for which personal information will be used to the extent possible and making it clear whether or not it will be provided. Furthermore, we handle the personal information that customers (business service consigners) consign to us in the course of carrying out tasks, including for proxy document issuance and the collection of motor vehicle registration results, as well as for work related to compiling information regarding motor vehicle registration information. As for the work of operating the Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists search site, we also handle Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists information in addition to customer information. We handle such information securely and appropriately in accordance with our designated company rules and only to the extent needed to achieve the purposes for use.

  2. Protecting and managing personal information

    We devise appropriate, optimum measures for protecting personal information and for preventing illicit access, loss, damage, manipulation, or leaks with regard to said information. If such occurs, we promptly analyze the cause and take appropriate measures.

  3. Complying with laws and other rules

    To administer to personal information appropriately, we comply with laws pertaining to the handling of personal information, guidance that the national government specifies, and other rules and guidelines.

  4. Submitting complaints or consulting about personal information

    We have established a customer hotline so as to handle complaints or consultations about the personal information that we handle, and the personnel in charge respond promptly and appropriately.

  5. Continually improving our personal information protection and management system

    We will continually review and improve our personal information protection and management system in view of changes in social conditions and the environment so that we can protect personal information efficiently and appropriately.

Adopted on February 28, 2005
Revised on October 1, 2016

Akihiro Ninomiya
Representative Director
Registration Network, Ltd.

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